The Real Junk Food Project – Chester invites you to its first pop-up event

Ellie and Galina will be cooking with food that they have procured from major Chester supermarkets. This food would otherwise have gone to waste. Thanks to the young entrepreneurs’ kitchen savviness, it will instead be given a chance to make its debut on your plate.

So come to Wesley Methodist Church’s Cafe at 8 St.John Street, CH1 1DA in Chester city centre on Friday. Doors open at 4:30 PM and close at 6:30 PM.

Meet Ellie, Galina and their families. Tell Andrew Herbert and the Reverend Neil Stacey how thankful you are to have a hot meal and good company on the first evening of the Easter holiday. Have a chat with Councillor Alex Black and Lady Janet Black, who will be gracing the event. Last but not least, donor stores’ representatives will be there to taste the fruit of their good deed of the day, so make sure you thank them, too.

And don’t forget to invite your friends to an evening bursting with flavour, good music and good vibes.

You don’t need to RSVP. You can pay for your meals in cash or in kind, by donating your talents, skills and time to the project. We count on your discretion and your support to make this event happen again a week from the 25th March.

Thank you for caring about food and helping us to prevent food waste!








3 thoughts on “The Real Junk Food Project – Chester invites you to its first pop-up event

    1. Hi Brenda! Next we will be providing packed lunches to kids in Blacon during the summer holidays. Keep following us to find out whether we will be doing other events – lunches or snacks at Trinity Church in Blacon. We will be back at Wesley Church in Chester on the third Sunday of August, the 21st.


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